GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ Trademark Usage Guidelines

These Trademark Usage Guidelines concern GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ trademarks and how they should appear and be used in any written, internal or external documents, including but not limited to marketing and sales materials, web pages, recruiting materials and correspondence.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ trademarks are valuable assets of the company. It is very important that we use our trademarks properly to protect their value. Also, it is important that we properly use the trademarks of others, such as our customers, suppliers and other business partners.


A “trademark” is any word, phrase, symbol or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods or products of one company from those of others. A “service mark” is a type of trademark that is used to identify and distinguish the services of one party from those of others. As a foundry and ASIC company, GLOBALFOUNDRIES uses both trademarks and service marks in its business activities. For purposes of this document, we will use the term “trademark” to include “service mark.”

Trademark rights are acquired by the proper and continuous use of a trademark in connection with the sale of goods or services. Although not required for protection, the registration of trademarks provides additional legal protection, and therefore GLOBALFOUNDRIES has applied for registration of various trademarks in a number of countries. Some trademarks have been registered – others are pending.

Usage Guidelines

  1. Use trademark notices

    A trademark that has been registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) should be marked with a “®” symbol. A trademark that has not been registered with the USPTO should be marked with a “™” or “SM” symbol.

    Our “GLOBALFOUNDRIES” word trademark, stylized logo, and sphere design have been registered with the USPTO and should be displayed using the ® symbol.

    Our “GLOBALSOLUTIONS” word trademark and stylized logo are service marks that have been registered by the USPTO, and therefore should be displayed using the ® symbol.


    For a complete list of GLOBALFOUNDRIES word and image trademarks, see Exhibit A in these guidelines.

    When we refer to the trademarks of other companies, we must use a TM or ® symbol as appropriate.


    If you are not sure whether a word or logo is a trademark of another company, check that company’s website to see how they refer to it.

  2. Use trademarks as adjectives

    Trademarks are adjectives that designate a specific brand of product. A noun should nearly always be used in connection with the trademark. To determine whether the rule is being followed, simply remove the trademark from the sentence. If a complete and grammatically correct sentence remains, then the trademark is being used properly.

    • Our GLOBALFOUNDRIES® wafers incorporate the use of many technologies, including leading-edge technologies such as High K-metal gate technology...
    • GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ new GLOBALSOLUTIONS® ecosystem will promote more rapid and coordinated innovation...
    • GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ BCDlite® foundry technology is optimized for automotive applications such as power management devices, audio amplifiers, displays and LED driver integrated circuits (ICs).
    • The 22FDX® platform employs 22nm fully-depleted silicon-on-insulator (FD-SOI) technology that delivers...
    • Mentor Graphics’ Calibre® DFM software is a tool that...

    When we refer to our company, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc., or one of its subsidiaries, we are not using “GLOBALFOUNDRIES” as a trademark and no ® symbol should be used. See list item 8 for more on this point.

  3. Do not modify trademarks

    Trademarks must be used in their “original” form. This means do not shorten, abbreviate, conjugate, or otherwise modify a trademark. Trademarks should not become plural or possessive.

  4. Do not combine trademarks

    GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ trademarks are used to indicate that our company is the source of the products or services, and our trademarks should not be combined with the trademarks or product names of other companies.

  5. First use in text

    When using the same trademark repeatedly in a piece, the following rules apply: (a) at the first reference, the trademark, with the appropriate trademark symbol, and the associated noun (e.g., platform, technology, wafers, etc.) must be used ; (b) after the first appearance, the trademark should appear with its associated noun as often as possible (at beginning of each new section or page), but the trademark symbol is not required. However, it is always acceptable to continue using ® or TM after the trademarks throughout the piece.


    The 22FDX® platform employs 22nm fully-depleted silicon-on-insulator (FD-SOI) technology that delivers superior performance. Our customers use the 22FDX platform for a variety of applications...

  6. Trademark credit line

    All web pages, manuals, advertisements, promotional, marketing, and recruitment materials should include a trademark credit line. The credit line may appear anywhere on the collateral, but typically is displayed on a legal notices page, at the end of a document or web page. See Exhibit A in these guidelines for a sample credit line.

  7. Other methods of marking

    If it is not possible or desirable to utilize the ® or ™ symbols, an asterisk or other such symbol may be placed next to the trademark, directing a reader to a footnote indicating that the mark is either “Reg. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office,” or if it not registered, “——— is a trademark of GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Inc.” (or other owner, as appropriate).


    The word GLOBALFOUNDRIES may be used to refer to GLOBALFOUNDRIES, the corporation. However, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, the company, is different from GLOBALFOUNDRIES, the brand. Any references to GLOBALFOUNDRIES, the corporation, should have no markings and the word GLOBALFOUNDRIES should be used as a noun. Any usage of GLOBALFOUNDRIES referring to it as a brand should follow these guidelines.

    Only the following versions of the company name are proper:

    GLOBALFOUNDRIES - the all-capitalized version

    GlobalFoundries - the initial letter “G” capitalized with a capitalize “F” version

    Globalfoundries - the initial letter “G” capitalized with a lower case “f” version

  9. GF text usage

    The use of the abbreviation “GF” is permitted only in second and subsequent references of the company name after the full name (e.g. “GLOBALFOUNDRIES”) is used in the first instance.

    An example of permitted usage is: “GLOBALFOUNDRIES is a global manufacturer of semiconductors. All GF employees adhere to strict quality standards that meet or exceed the expectations of every GF customer.”

    The abbreviated name “GF” is only permitted in text references, and not in any of the GLOBALFOUNDRIES logos or image trademarks as shown in Exhibit A.

Please direct any inquiries regarding these guidelines to the IP Law Department.

Exhibit A

This page shows the current trademarks and service marks of GLOBALFOUNDRIES INC. and its subsidiaries in the United States and/or other countries. No waiver of any intellectual property rights that GLOBALFOUNDRIES has in any of its trademarks, service marks, names, logos or products is express or implied if a mark, name or logo is not present on this page.

Text Trademarks

Trademark TextStatus
Tech Valley Connection for Education and Jobs®

Image Trademarks


Trademark Attribution:

“GLOBALFOUNDRIES®, the GLOBALFOUNDRIES logo and sphere design, GLOBALSOLUTIONS®, the GLOBALSOLUTIONS® logo and combinations thereof, 12FDX™, 22FDX®, AutoPro™, BCDLite®, FX-7™, FX-14™, FDX™, FDXcelerator™ and RFwave™ are trademarks and/or service marks of GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc. in the United States and/or other jurisdictions.” Third-party usage of these marks is permissible only in connection with the products and/or services of GLOBALFOUNDRIES INC. or its subsidiaries.