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GLOBALFOUNDRIES Analog and Power process technologies enable our customers to develop superior products by enabling the cost-effective integration of diverse functionality with best-in-class power devices across a wide range of voltages. The high-volume, production-proven processes meet the needs of low and high power applications and are available in feature sizes from 55nm to 180nm and operating voltages from 5V to 700V.



BCDLite®, BCD, and High Voltage (HV) technologies have a modular platform architecture based on the company's efficient HV CMOS process that includes power and high voltage transistors, precision analog passives and NVM memory. Additional highlights are:

  • Rich IP portfolio of the base logic process that enables customers to leverage their IP across analog and power boundaries for lower design cost and faster Time-to-Market
  • Power and high voltage transistors from 5V to 700V allow the power designer to maximize efficiency and performance with smaller die area
  • Analog- and power-focused PDK enables ease of design and lower development costs
  • BCDLite® and HV process tailored for mobile/consumer applications, DC-DC, AC-DC, PMIC, wireless charging, lighting and other analog/power functions
  • BCD offers high-temp rated transistors and rugged power devices for industrial and automotive applications

Mobile Power: Different Subsystems​

IoT Tiers and Customer Traction

Automotive Power - EV Battery System Solutions

IoT Tiers and Customer Traction

Analog - Power Solutions Span Full Voltage and Density Range

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GF Products

The depth and breadth of the GF silicon portfolio enables you to choose the best fit for your application, with technologies ranging from leading-edge solutions for application and baseband processors to differentiated products for RF connectivity and power management.

GF Products - Mobile Tiers and Customer Traction