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For mixed-signal, RF, IoT and automotive applications

GLOBALFOUNDRIES mainstream CMOS technologies from 180nm to 40nm offer mixed-technology solutions on volume production-proven, industry-compatible processes.

55LPx is for mixed-signal, RF, IoT and automotive applications with flexible mixed-technology options for logic, RF, eFlash/BCDLite®, ULP and automotive offerings based on a single model with process design kits (PDK) and silicon-validated IP from GF and leading EDA and IP partners.


  • Best in class D0: < 0.04 def/in2/layer defect density
  • Applications in mass production
    • RF transceivers, mobile TV
    • Display drivers, TCON
    • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, access networks, GPS
    • Digital TV, projectors
    • Automotive
  • 55LPx offers RF, eFlash/BCDlite, ULP and automotive solutions
  • RF CMOS: Comprehensive design kit including silicon-validated models
  • eFlash: Market-leading option
  • Automotive: AECQ-100 (Rev G) Grade 1 qualified process, eFlash and foundation IPs, ISO/TS16949 Quality Management System for Automotive
  • High voltage: BCDLite isolated low Rdson 5V, 8V and 12V solutions
  • ULP: SLVT and SHVT devices, true 0.9V SRAM solution, 0.9V IPs