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22FDX best in class performance, power consumption, integration capability and optimized cost profile for 5G mmWave, Edge AI, IoT and automotive applications.

22FDX employs 22nm Fully-Depleted Silicon-On-Insulator (FD-SOI) technology that delivers outstanding performance at extremely low power with the ability to operate at 0.4 Volt ultra low power and at 1 pico amp per micron for ultra low standby leakage. For applications such as 5G mmWave and NB-IoT, 22FDX enables a level of integration while maintaining power efficiency that is not achievable in bulk CMOS, resulting in up to a 50% system BoM cost savings. 22FDX is now in production and delivering on yield, power and performance expectations.

22FDX® consists of a family of differentiated solutions architected to enable applications across a variety of market segments:

22FDX-ULP: Ultra-Low Power

  • 70% lower power vs. 28nm HKMG
  • FinFET-like performance
  • Ultra low-voltage operation (~0.4V)
  • Dynamic tradeoff of performance vs. power with body-biasing

22FDX-ULL: Ultra-Low Leakage

  • Additional devices for ultra-low static leakage (~1pA/μm)
  • ULL SRAM with <1pA/cell leakage
  • IP for BTLE, Zigbee and Thread

22FDX-RFA: RF & Analog

  • Integrated RF and Analog: reduced system cost and power
  • Resistors, capacitors, inductors, transmission lines, transformers
  • RF BEOL w/ Ultra Thick Metal stacks
  • RF design enablement to leverage body-bias