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12nm FD-SOI technologies deliver full-node scaling, ultra-low power, and performance on demand

GLOBALFOUNDRIES 12FDX platform with 12nm FD-SOI semiconductor technology will enable the intelligent systems of tomorrow across a range of applications, from mobile computing and 5G connectivity to artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles.

12FDX technology is built on a 12nm fully-depleted silicon-on-insulator (FD-SOI) platform, enabling the performance of 10nm FinFET with better power consumption and lower cost than 16nm FinFET. The platform offers a full node of scaling benefit, delivering a 15 percent performance boost over current FinFET technologies and as much as 50 percent lower power consumption.

12FDX combines radio frequency (RF), analog, embedded memory, and advanced logic onto a single chip while also providing the industry’s widest range of dynamic voltage scaling and unmatched design flexibility via software-controlled transistors—capable of delivering peak performance when and where it is needed, while balancing static and dynamic power for energy efficiency.