Embedded Memory

Embedded Memory

Production-ready, cost-effective memory solutions for general purpose MCUs, IoT, automotive, industrial, and consumer applications

GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ technology platforms from 130nm to 22nm offer a wide variety of embedded memory solutions to address the emerging markets. These include embedded magneto-resistive RAM (eMRAM), embedded Flash (eFlash) and System In Package (SIP Flash) to address the requirements of broad market segments.


GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ eMRAM offering, with its low power consumption, makes it ideal for the MCU and IoT markets, and its fast access speed and high memory capacity makes it suitable for compute and storage markets. eFlash solutions, along with RF and analog enablement and comprehensive IP, are optimized for specific applications such as wearables, IoT, automotive, industrial, and consumer. SIP Flash is a flexible and cost-effective package based solution for low cost, high capacity memory requirements and delivers the fastest time to market.


  • High-reliability and AEC-Q100 automotive grade 1 MCUs
  • Industrial MCUs, IoT-gateways and smartcards
  • IoT, wearables, smart devices and sensor hubs
  • Integration of wireless connectivity with MCU (55nm LPx)
  • Integration of analog functions with MCU (130nm BCDLite®)
  • Other memory solutions include eFuse, EEPROM, OTP and MTP design-ready solutions with silicon validation

New In 2018

40nm eFlash

  • SST ESF3 3rd generation Super-Flash technology
  • Access speed: as fast as 10ns
  • Endurance: 200k cycles
  • Data Retention: 10 years at operation temperature (85°C commercial grade, 125°C automotive Grade 1 application)
  • Ideal for industrial and automotive grade MCUs


  • Versatile and Fast, for code and data storage applications
  • Access speed: as fast as 15ns
  • Endurance: >10E8 cycles
  • Data Retention: >10 years
  • Ideal for IoT storage and compute applications

Application Highlights


  • Cost effectiveness for consumer markets
  • High reliability and robustness for industrial markets
  • High operating temperature for Automotive Grade 1 (AEC Q100) products
  • Silicon-matched RF models for MCU with wireless connectivity
  • Ultra-low power solutions for IoT applications

Secure ID, RFID, Tag

  • More than 200k program/erase cycles on selected macros
  • "Common Criteria" EAL6 certified manufacturing site
  • Bankcard for highest security sites