SiGe HP Technologies

SiGe HP Technologies

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Performance-optimized platforms for demanding high-speed, low noise applications

The GLOBALFOUNDRIES high-performance silicon germanium BiCMOS technology family, SiGe HP, is optimized for a wide array of current and emerging performance-driven RF applications.

PlatformSiGe 9HPSiGe 8XPSiGe 8HPSiGe 8WLSiGe 7WL
Key Features
CMOS node90 nm130 nm180 nm
NPN Ft/Fmax (GHz)310/370250/340200/265100/20060/120
Automotive RADARXXX  
Automotive LiDAR  X  
Wireless infrastructureXXX  
Gesture sensing X   
Optical communications: Data centerXX   
Optical communications: PON/GPON  XXX
High-speed serial interfaces: USB/PCIe XXX 
Test/measurement systemsXX   
Aerospace and defenseXXX  

The SiGe HP platforms provide differentiating performance that balances integration and value. Take advantage of multiple benefits:

  • Integrate extensive digital and RF function while leveraging a proven, economical silicon technology base
  • Get superior low-current/high-frequency performance with heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBTs) that also enable operation at high junction temperatures
  • Maximize design flexibility and optimization with PDKs comprising a broad mix of standard and optional elements, including RF-centric features, thick dielectrics, thick metals and TSVs

GF’s highest performance SiGe offering, SiGe 9HP, is fully qualified on GF’s 200 mm manufacturing process, with PDKs available now. 

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