7nm FinFET

7nm FinFET

7nm FinFET promises to be a major technology node, ideal for high-performance SoC applications including data processing, networking, and premium mobile application processors.

Our 7nm FinFET technology will deliver more than twice the logic density and a >30% performance improvement compared to 16/14nm foundry FinFETs. We are making a multi-billion dollar investment in Fab 8 for the development and production of 7nm FinFET.

7nm FinFET Technology

  • Moore’s Law density doubling -- over 17M logic gates/mm2
  • Absolute performance boost of >30% over 14nm FinFET
  • Cost reduction of more than 30% compared with 14nm
  • Comprehensive IP library, leveraging the strategic partnership with INVECAS and design enablement ecosystem
  • Expanded SerDes offering, including 60G VSR and 112G
  • 7nm FinFET ASIC platform builds on merger with IBM Microelectronics
  • V0.2 PDK available now; risk production begins in the first half of 2018

Wide Range of Applications

Data centers, networking, premium mobile

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