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22FDX Platform

22FDX Platform

22FDX offers the best combination of performance, power consumption and cost for IoT, mainstream mobile, RF connectivity, and networking.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES 22FDX fills an industry need, allowing companies to move beyond planar 28nm bulk CMOS without incurring the cost and design challenges of 14nm finFETs. The higher Ft and Fmax characteristics at much lower gate voltages support 5G and mmWave RF solutions.

Superior analog design is possible due to 22FDX’s variable transistor width, back biasing capability, lower transistor mismatch, and other fundamental advantages. Forward biasing allows 22FDX to match the performance of 14nm FinFETs.

GF 22FDX platform employs 22nm Fully-Depleted Silicon-On-Insulator (FD-SOI) technology that delivers FinFET-like performance and energy-efficiency at a cost comparable to 28nm planar technologies. While some applications require the ultimate performance of three-dimensional FinFET transistors, most wireless devices need a better balance of performance, power consumption and cost. 22FDX provides the best path for cost-sensitive applications. The 22FDX platform delivers a 20 percent smaller die size and 10 percent fewer masks than 28nm, as well as nearly 50 percent fewer immersion lithography layers than foundry FinFET.

  • Ultra-low power consumption with 0.4V operation
  • Software-controlled transistor body-biasing for flexible trade-off between performance and power
  • Integrated RF for reduced system cost and back-gate feature to reduce RF power up to ~50%
  • 70% lower power than 28HKMG

The 22FDX platform consists of a family of differentiated products architected to enable applications across a variety of market segments:

22FDX-ulp: Ultra-low Power

  • 70% lower power vs. 28nm HKMG
  • FinFET-like performance
  • Ultra low-voltage operation (~0.4V)
  • Dynamic tradeoff of performance vs. power with body-biasing

22FDX-ull: Ultra-low Leakage

  • Additional devices for ultra-low static leakage (~1pA/μm)
  • ULL SRAM with < 1pA/cell leakage
  • IP for BTLE, Zigbee and Thread

22FDX-rfa: RF & Analog

  • Integrated RF and Analog: reduces system cost and power
  • Low transistor mismatch, high intrinsic device gain (Gm/Gds ratio), low noise
  • Flexible Vt tuning with back bias to compensate for transistor mismatch
  • Resistors, capacitors, inductors, transmission lines, transformers
  • RF BEOL w/ Ultra Thick Metal stacks
  • RF design enablement to leverage body-bias


  • Efficient NVM
  • Low-power Cache

22FDX – Flexible Body Bias

Co-optimized IP; Available Early

  • Foundation IP
  • Library
  • High Speed & High Density
  • Low Leakage & Low power
  • Memories
  • Single Port High Density SRAM
  • Single Port High Speed SRAM
  • 2-Port SRAM
  • 1-Port High Speed Register File
  • ROM
  • Low Leakage SRAM
  • eFuse Macro and OTP
  • General Purpose I/O Library
  • 1.8V + OSC and 3.3vGPIO
  • Analog IP and RF IP
  • Analog
  • Process Monitor & Temp Sensor
  • Video DAC
  • Audio DAC & Audion ADC
  • General Purpose PLL
  • Fractional PLL
  • RF IP
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • Specialty IOT
  • LDO Library
  • DC-DC
  • Real-Time Clock (RTC)
  • Interface IP
  • LPDDR4/3
  • DDR4/3
  • USB2 OTG
  • USB3.0/3.1
  • PCIe Gen2(5G) and Gen3(*G)
  • SATA2
  • 10G-KR
  • HDMI Tx
  • HDMI Rx
  • Display Port Tx/Rx
  • 12.5G SerDes
In Development

Production: Q2 2017

22FDX PDK is Ready for Prototyping

Function/ComponentTool SupportedAvailable
CDSLIB(symbols,p-cells,techfiles)Cadence ICADV
Design aids(accelerators)Cadence EAD(Electrical Aware Design)
Cadence LDE Flow(LDE-API)
LVS & Electrical rule checksCalibre
Quantus(Cadence QRC)
Calibre xRC
Electromigration analysis,
IR-drop analysis
Apache Totem/Redhawk EMIR
Voltus (EMIR)
Place and Route techfilesICC
Innovus(Cadence EDI)
Litho hot-spot(pattern match), Scoring,Fixing
Calibre Dfm DRC+(patt.matching), YES (fixing), POP(fixing) MAS
Cadence MVS (pattern matching), POP(fix)
Synopsis ICV DRC+(pattern matching), POP (fix)
Electro-magnetic methodologyIntegrated EMX
Lorentz Solutions PEAKVIEW
Keysight Momentum


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22FDX Platform for IoT, Mobile and RF Solutions

IOT Positioning Strategy Per Tier
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