GLOBALFOUNDRIES 12FDX technology advances our fully-depleted SOI roadmap, begun with the 22FDX® generation. Combining low-power consumption, high transistor density, and an attractive cost structure, 12FDX is ideal for automotive, Internet of Things, advanced wireless, and other markets. With a planar transistor architecture, 12FDX offers transistor-matching advantages for analog and RF functions, while supporting best-in-class density for digital circuits. The advantages in power, cost, performance, density, and support for wireless, make 12FDX the best technology choice for tomorrow’s connected devices.

12FDX Technology

  • Manufacturing at Fab 1, Dresden, Germany
  • No triple or quad patterning required
  • Flexible layouts for analog designs
  • 40 percent fewer masks than 10nm FinFETs
  • Extends the FD-SOI technology to the 12nm generation
  • 2X areal density compared with 22FDX
  • Complete EDA and IP ecosystem
  • Enhanced forward biasing for higher performance; back biasing for reduced power consumption (50 percent lower power than comparable FinFETs)

Wide Range of Applications

  • Mobile supported down to 0.4Vdd; full Vt mixing
  • 5G wireless integration; high fT/fMAX
  • Low-power wireless for IoT solutions
  • Automotive reliability
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