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14nm FinFET Leading Edge Technologies

14nm FinFET Leading Edge Technologies Duplicate

14nm FinFET leading edge technologies are ideal for high-volume, high-performance and power-efficient SoC applications

Leading Edge Technology

Why should customers adopt 14nm FinFET technology now?


GLOBALFOUNDRIES 14nm FinFET technologies are the most advanced in the industry, ideal for the most demanding high-volume, high-performance and power-efficient SoC designs. The 3D FinFET devices offer the perfect answer to growing market needs, with best-in-class intrinsic performance boost over 28nm and 20nm devices and a superior power footprint compared to any predecessors. These leading edge devices also provide a true cost advantage due to superior power, performance and area scaling.

14nm FinFET Technology

  • 14LPE – Early time-to-market version with area and power benefits for mobility applications
  • 14LPP – Enhanced version with higher performance and lower power; a full platform offering with MPW, IP enablement and wide application coverage

Immediate availability

  • PDK and DM available now for design starts
  • Silicon maturity on track at Fab 8, New York
  • Quarterly MPWs

Wide range of applications

  • Mobile and wireless – lower watts per GHz
  • Computer, network and storage – more performance per watt
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