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FinFET Transistors Move Scaling to a New Dimension

FinFET Transistors Move Scaling to a New Dimension

  • Sanjay Charagulla & Ravi Todi
  • 21 Jun 2016

Process technology has a symbiotic relationship with hyperconverged infrastructure in datacenters, as each is both enabled and driven by the other. Exponentially increasing data volumes of data centers require huge memory bandwidth and high-speed interconnectivity between servers, storage, and switches, in turn defining and requiring chips with leading-edge process technology. High-performance SoCs with FinFET transistors are a key enabler for hyperonvergence, helping deliver three key benefits: high performance and bandwidth, high density, and lower power consumption. FinFETs are estimated to be up to 37% faster while using less than half the dynamic power and cutting static leakage current by as much as 90%. FinFETs also promise to alleviate problematic performance versus power tradeoffs, enabling design teams to balance throughput, performance and power to match the needs of each application.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES 14-nanometer FinFET process technology delivers power, performance and area benefits for a broad array of applications from high-end mobile devices to hyperconverged infrastructure.

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