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Vidatronic is a fabless semiconductor and systems company specializing in the design of advanced-architecture, energy-efficient power management solutions for embedded and stand-alone applications. Our unique innovations minimize overall system costs for our customers while providing world-class performance characteristics.

At Vidatronic, we have experience in a wide variety of CMOS silicon processes from 28nm to 180nm. Our engineering team is made up of some of the top analog and mixed-signal designers in the industry who have come together to create industry-revolutionizing power management architectures for portable, handheld and wearable electronic devices. We offer a comprehensive selection of intellectual property (IP) blocks for embedded applications, including low dropout linear regulators (LDOs), DC-DC switching converters (buck and boost), combination switching converters/LDOs, a collection of foundation IP (e.g. voltage references, supply monitors and temperature sensors), as well as other IP per customers' requests.

Our embedded products are used to help SOC, ASIC and CPU developers achieve best-in-class performance in areas of noise suppression and power efficiency while lowering costs and reducing size. We work closely with our customers and partners to define and deliver complete system solutions that assist in the creation of innovative devices people use everyday.

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