Mobile devices

GLOBALFOUNDRIES® (GF®) collaborates with forward-thinking visionaries to make fast, seamless and reliable mobile connectivity a reality for consumers— connectivity that brings the world to their fingertips, all the time and from anywhere.

Cellular radio FEMs

5G fundamentally changes the cellular radio landscape. GF mmWave and sub-6 GHz SOI solutions are designed to handle the performance, power, area and complexity challenges 5G brings to cellular front-end modules (FEMs).


GF 5G cellular radio solutions

Superior performance with highest level of integration & up to 20 dBm Psat (with power combiners) for premium 5G mmWave smartphones
22FDX™ RF+
Superior performance with digital & RF enhancements that deliver 30% better IL and RonM*Coff† for premium 5G mmWave smartphones
Superior performance with high Psat (up to 23 dBm) for premium 5G mmWave smartphones
Great performance for entry & mid-tier 4G LTE and 5G sub-6 GHz smartphones, smart watches & other connected mobile devices
Outstanding performance for premium & high-tier 5G sub-6 GHz smartphones

5G mmWave cellular FEMs using 45RFSOI

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45RFSOI combines high transmission power capabilities with industry-leading mmWave performance and reliability for beamformers and integrable low-noise amplifiers (LNAs), power amplifiers (PAs) and switches in 5G mmWave cellular front-end module (FEM) applications.

More than one billion dollars in 45RFSOI design wins to date.*

Industry’s only Foundry with in-house mmWave test capabilities, which build on two decades of RF leadership & expertise.

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Power, with staying power

45RFSOI-based PAs deliver the high power gain and efficiency—up to 23 dBm Psat at > 40% PAE—to extend battery life, and offer reliability of up to 10-year operation.

Design flexibility

45RSOI lets you integrate multiple RF elements into mmWave FEMs that have superior transmission power—or develop beamformers that use fewer chips for smaller, more cost-effective arrays.

Made for mmWave

45RFSOI offers an optimized BEOL and high-resistivity substrate combined with device stacking and low Ron advantages for high-quality connectivity at mmWave frequencies.

*For both mobile and wireless infrastructure applications.
‡ At 26 GHz

Integrated 5G mmWave cellular FEMs & TRXs using 22FDX RF and 22FDX RF+

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22FDX™ RF and 22FDX RF+ enable the integration of low noise amplifiers (LNAs), power amplifiers (PAs) and switches with the transceiver (TRX). Designers can take advantage of a highly integrated or single-chip mmWave radio architecture that incorporates critical RF elements for 5G mmWave mobile devices and that delivers the superior RF performance and power efficiency their applications demand, in a streamlined footprint that can help reduce system bill of material costs.

Two of top three 5G mmWave FEM design companies are designing with 22FDX RF.*

22FDX RF & 22FDX RF+ are the industry’s only solutions enabling world-class power and performance benefits in a single-chip 5G mmWave FEM SoC.

22FDX RF+ extends GF 5G leadership by offering 30% better Ron*Coff and insertion loss performance, enabling stronger, more reliable connections.

Next-level designs

22FDX RF and RF+ offer up to a 40% logic scaling advantage and are the industry’s only solutions that enable fully integrated 5G mmWave SoCs with best-in-class performance and power benefits, so you can leverage the saved space to add other advanced features.

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Powerful without being power hungry

22FDX RF and RF+ support up to 10% longer battery life with PAs that deliver a combination of performance, power and thermal efficiency advantages.

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Remarkable reach

22FDX RF and RF+ provide noise figure and switch insertion loss benefits that help boost signal quality and extend signal reach up to 6% for fewer dropped connections and better sounding calls.

* Current estimate based on design win pipeline.
‡ Compared to GF 28 nm bulk CMOS. Benefits will vary with chip/system design.
† Compared to 22FDX RF.
◊ Assumes 28 GHz band, TX and RX antenna gain of 20 dB, line of sight communication. Benefits will vary with chip/system design.

Cellular Radio FEMs / 8SW RF SOI

5G sub-6 GHz cellular FEMs using 8SW RF SOI

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8SW is the most advanced RF SOI solution in the GF RF portfolio. Take advantage of its high linearity and gain, low noise figure and industry-leading switch and low-noise amplifier (LNA) features for outstanding performance in premium and high-tier 5G sub-6 GHz mobile front-end modules (FEMs).

The top three 5G sub-6 GHz FEM design companies are using GF 8SW.*

8SW is industry’s 1st fully qualified high-volume RF SOI Foundry solution on 300 mm wafers.

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Made for mobility

8SW helps support high-performance connectivity from anywhere by combing low insertion loss and high RF voltage/power-handling capabilities with world-class NF and Ron*Coff metrics.

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No charger? No problem.

8SW’s exceptional Ron*Coff performance and 1.8 V/1.2 V standard cell libraries help stretch the time needed between battery charges.

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Clarity you can count on

With high gain, thick top level metals and all-copper interconnects, 8SW is optimized to maximize signal strength for higher quality connections.

* Based on revenue TAM.

Cellular Radio FEMs / 7SW RF SOI

5G sub-6 GHz & 4G LTE cellular FEMs using 7SW RF SOI

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7SW RF SOI is an established solution in the GF RF SOI portfolio and qualified in multiple, globally distributed fabs to help ensure worry-free supply. It is optimized for 5G sub-6 GHz and 4G LTE FEM switch and low noise amplifier (LNA) applications. With billions of chips already shipped to industry-leading FEM IC companies, 7SW offers great performance for entry and mid-tier smartphones, smart watches and other connected mobile devices.

Design flexibility

7SW delivers excellent linearity combined with options that allow designers to make critical Ron*Coff vs. power handling trade-offs to meet design performance goals.

Four bars of cellular connectivity
Reliable connectivity

Featuring LNA-optimized transistors and dual oxide and trap rich substrate options, 7SW offers LNA performance and noise suppression benefits to minimize disconnects and extend reception range.

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Keep your battery alive

Featuring low-leakage logic libraries and high Vt FETs that minimize standby power consumption, 7SW is designed to help you get most out of each battery charge.


Sharp, lifelike photos. 3D sensors. Smoother video playback, gaming and web scrolling. GF is collaborating with innovative clients worldwide to deliver solutions that take viewing experiences to new levels, all in devices we can easily carry in our hands or stash in a backpack.

AMOLED Display Controllers / 28HV, 40HV & 55HV

AMOLED display driver ICs using 28HV, 40HV and 55HV solutions

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GF is an industry leader in premium-tier display drivers, ready to meet your design needs with high voltage AMOLED solutions spanning 28 nm to 55 nm high-voltage technology platforms. The portfolio is complemented by a suite of in-house and third party intellectual property (IP) optimized for display drivers with touch controllers that is designed to help you accelerate time to-market.

GF is only Foundry in production with a 28 nm AMOLED DDIC solution.

GF has already shipped > 150K DDIC wafers.

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High definition, in a smaller footprint

Meet resolution requirements and form-factor constraints with the industry’s smallest Foundry 28 nm SRAM bitcell (0.12 µm2).

Flexibility paired with performance

A gate-first MV/HV-friendly layout (8 V / 20-25 V) eliminates gate length restrictions to simplify design while the high-K metal gate platforms deliver power, performance and area advantages.

Grid in a circle
Silicon proven

GF’s 28HV, 40HV and 55HV solutions are already in volume production, with high yields.

‡ Combined 28 and 55 nm HV shipments.


GF solutions for security ICs in smartphones and wearables, which are manufactured in our EAL6-certified fabs in Dresden, Germany and Singapore, span 40, 28 and 22 nm technology platforms and support a broad range of security implementations and transaction types, including UICC, ID, payment tokens and cryptographic keys.

GF offers chip designers a range of cost-effective, security-optimized semiconductor solutions to choose from when developing the products users and businesses count on to enable secure transactions, protect assets and safeguard data.

Security ICs


GF solutions for security ICs in smartphones and wearables span 40, 28 and 22 nm technology platforms and are manufactured in our EAL6-certified fabs in Dresden, Germany and Singapore and support a broad range of security implementations and transaction types, including UICC, ID, payment tokens and cryptographic keys. The solutions feature cost-effective embedded non-volatile memories (eNVM) and low-power technologies with RF integration, which make them excellent choices for secure NB-IoT, NFC, UWB and Wi-Fi applications.

GF has shipped more than 2 billion units of secure NFC chips to clients to support premium tier smartphones.

Audio & Power Management

Crystal clear audio. Longer battery life. Small form factors that don’t sacrifice performance. Chip designers developing audio amp and power management ICs must balance space constraints and battery life factors with the exceptional performance and advanced functions users have come to expect in products they now rely on every day, from smartphones to smart headsets to wearables.

Audio & Power Management / 55, 130 and 180nm BCDLite©

Audio amps using 55, 130 and 180 nm BCDLite® solutions

Air pods

GF’s portfolio of audio amp solutions is designed to deliver exceptional sound quality in power and area-efficient products. Our high-volume manufacturing capabilities in globally distributed fabs help ensure you can get your hardware to market faster, and in the quantities you need to meet your customers’ demands.

5 of top 7 smartphone companies use GF audio amp solutions.*

GF has shipped more than 3 billion high-end audio amp units.

Outstanding audio quality

The advanced power monitoring offered by GF 55, 130 and 180 nm BCDLite audio amp solutions enables superior audio playback while also protecting the device speakers.

Three boxes in an L shape
Area efficient

Our BCDLite audio amp solutions feature integrated inductors, eNVM for code storage and high density logic so that you can integrate DSPs, enabling smaller solutions that save valuable board area.

Industry leading performance

Leverage best-in-class RDSon & BVDSS for switching noise, loss and power benefits designed to deliver a better listening experience.

* Based on GfK report (2019) and independent teardown analysis.

Audio & Power Management / Power management ICs using 55, 130 and 180 nm BCDLite® solutions

Power management ICs using 55, 130 and 180 nm BCDLite® solutions

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The GF portfolio of BCDLite power management solutions spans nodes ranging from 55 nm to 180 nm and is optimized for battery, single-rail, audio and haptics power-management unit (PMU) applications in mobile devices. The solutions enable designers to develop high-efficiency, low-leakage power management ICs (PMICs) that can extend battery runtime while integrating up to 50% digital content into smaller form factors.

High-volume GF manufacturing capabilities in globally distributed fabs help ensure that clients can get their hardware to market faster and in the quantities they need to meet demand.

GF is engaged with PMIC suppliers for two of the top three most popular smartphones in designing their next advanced products with GF BCDLite power management solutions.

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Wide voltage range

With voltage ratings ranging from 5 volts to 100 volts, GF BCDLite solutions enable chip designers to find exactly the right fit to optimize PMU blocks for battery management, audio, system CPU, haptics, sensors or single rail applications in smartphones, smart watches, hearables and more.

Two interlinked gears
Optimization made easy

With a rich IP library and 250+ design elements to choose from, including power FETs, capacitors, bipolar devices, integrated inductors and multiple memory options for security code/key storage, GF BCDLite solutions enable designers to optimize their hardware.

Four arrows in a circle, pointing inwards
More power, in less space

By offering best-in-class RDSON & BVDSS, GF BCDLite solutions give designers the ability to develop designs that optimize the footprint to output power ratio.