The acceleration of electronic automotive systems and consumption of semiconductor content by this industry in the past few years has been transformative. This rising trajectory is forecasted to grow, fueled by the leap in automotive electronics technology that encompasses connectivity, miniaturization, electrification, safety, energy harvesting, autonomous capabilities, security, and intelligence.

Some of the key technology trends “under-the-hood”, and inside the car include:

  • Hybrid and Electric Vehicle (EV)
  • Semi-Autonomous / Autonomous driving
  • Infotainment – Augmenting the user content and experience
  • Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2X) communications
  • Security and Privacy controls

These trends in turn have led to the emergence of key applications / sub-segments such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Safety, Powertrain, Infotainment and Body electronics, which are in-turn differentiated by SoC solutions, and bounded by Quality, Reliability and Safety controls.

The automotive market draws on GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ core strengths, gained through a decade of experience, working with the leading automotive suppliers. GF is working with four of the top five automotive MCU suppliers, and is the fastest growing automotive foundry in the world. GF is working with partners to implement mainstream and leading-edge process technology / products based multi-core MCUs, radar, cellular and WiFi communications, embedded memory, sensors, and other automotive solutions with proven quality flows.

Market Overview

Automative Market

A self-driving electric car is basically a computer on wheels with a big battery and a bunch of digital eyes and data to analyze. — CNBC, 2016

The Differentiator

GF Products - Automotive Tiers and Customer Traction

GF Products

GF Products - Automotive Tiers and Customer Traction

Customer Applications

GF Product


SoCs / MCU

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Powertrain, Body & Safety

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SoCs / MCU
  • SoCs / MCU
  • Powertrain, Body & Safety
  • Power
  • SoCs / MCU
  • Powertrain, Body & Safety
  • Power

Key sub-segments and components

Automative Market

ADAS System Requires Full Range of Technologies

ADAS surround sensors will be cameras, radar, infrared and LIDAR

  • Cameras will be 2Mp to 5Mp with most post processing done in ADAS Core CPU
  • radar moving from 24GHz - 64GHz / Ultrasonic to 77GHz radar with integrated logic
  • Long range front radar will remain 77GHz SiGe to maintain power and range
  • LIDAR generates high resolution long range and surround view with a vast amount of data

Sensor data will flow into ADAS Core CPU to create 360° view and implement vehicle response (brake, steer, pre-tension, ABS, etc.)



Application24 GHz77-86 GHz
Automotive Radar - FrontSiGe HP: 8WLSiGe HP: 8HPSiGe HP: 8XP
Automotive Radar - Side/Rear7SW, 45RFSOI (mmWave)
Vehicle-2-Vehicle (V2V)SiGe PA: 5PAe, 1KW5PAe, 5PAx, 1K5PAxSiGe HP: 8HP, 8XP
7SW, 45RFSOI (mmWave)
Vehicle-2-Road / Infrastructure (V2X)SiGe PA: 5PAe, 1KW5PAe, 5PAx, 1K5PAxSiGe HP: 8HP, 8XP
Gesture Sensing SiGe HP: 8HP, 8XP
SiGe Usage Guidelines7SW, 45RFSOI Usage Guidelines
High PA Output PowerLow to Medium Output Power
Low Power / high frequency operationLow Power / Low to Medium Frequency Operation
Low to Medium Digital IntegrationHigh Digital Integration
Simplified Impedance Matching / mmWave BEOLSimplified Impedance Matching / mmWave BEOL (45RFSOI)
High Breakdown VoltagesLow to Medium Breakdown Voltages
High Operating VoltagesLow to Medium Operating Voltages
Excellent Thermal StabilityLNA+Switch integration
Low NF; 1/f noise 


Automotive 77GHz mmWave radar, employing SiGe digital and RF technologies, gives ADAS the ability to see on all sides of the vehicle. Moving from SiGe to CMOS processes, expected in 2018, will support more digital content capabilities. Our 40nm mmWave RF solutions integrate CPU/DSP, memory, and other IP into a single-chip automotive radar solution.

Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications, including WiFi (802.11p) and dedicated short range communications (DSRC), provide traffic and essential safety information in ADAS systems.

  • Catena IP – BLE / 15.4
  • 802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4GHz
  • Automotive Ethernet
  • 5G cellular

GLOBALFOUNDRIES has an automotive power process which enables customers to provide a monolithic solution for multiple modules inside electric vehicles, hybrids and fuel cars:

  • 130nm BCDLite/BCD for automotive power solutions
  • Automotive Grade 1 and Grade 0 qualified process
  • 100V device for 48V hybrid specification
  • NVM (eFlash) solution for real-time information on age and health of battery
  • Applicable sub-segments: bttery management, battery monitoring, head-end PMICs

Analog - Power Solutions Span Full Voltage and Density Range

Automative Market


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