GlobalFoundries recently joined other industry leaders at RFIC/IMS 2019 to discuss the latest developments in 5G, autonomous vehicles, THz systems and next-gen IoT at our booth and in targeted meetings. The RFIC/IMS technical program provided additional opportunities for attendees to learn more, with workshops and technical sessions highlighting specifics about how GF technologies help clients accelerate innovation in their applications.

If you registered for the workshops or technical sessions but missed any of the following GF papers or presentations, use your registration information to download them here.
RFIC/IMS workshops and short courses

  • mmWave Radar Circuit Design Techniques in FDSOI CMOS Technology (WSB_3)
  • Benefits of 22FDX for NB-IOT RF Integration (WSI_6)
  • RF/mm-Wave FEM Applications with SOI/SiGe Processes (WSL_2)
  • Silicon Semiconductor Technologies for the 5G mm-Wave Era and Beyond (WMA_7)

RFIC technical sessions

  • Excellent 22FDX Hot-Carrier Reliability for PA Applications (RMo1B-3)
  • 22nm Fully-Depleted SOI High Frequency Noise Modeling up to 90GHz Enabling Ultra Low Noise Millimetre-Wave LNA Design (RMo1B-4)
  • A Low Noise Figure 28GHz LNA in 22nm FDSOI Technology (RMo4B-3)

RFIC interactive forum

  • 22nm FD-SOI Technology with Back-biasing Capability Offers Excellent Performance for Enabling Efficient, Ultra-low Power Analog and RF/Millimeter-Wave Designs (RTuIF1-5)
  • A Low Power Fully-Integrated 76-81 GHz ADPLL for Automotive Radar Applications with 150 MHz/us FMCW Chip Rate and -95 dBc/Hz Phase Noise at 1 MHz Offset in FDSOI (RTuIF1-6)