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RFwave™ Partner Program

RFwave Partner Program

The RFwave™ partner program is an ecosystem of companies who have teamed with GLOBALFOUNDRIES to help customers using GF’s RF technology platforms built on FD- SOI, RF CMOS (bulk and advanced CMOS nodes), RF SOI and SiGe to bring differentiated products to market in less time by simplifying design. The program builds on GF’s 5G vision and enables you to leverage the latest advances from GF and ecosystem partners to develop optimized RF solutions for a range of applications, including automotive radar, IoT across various wireless connectivity and cellular standards, standalone or transceiver integrated 5G front-end modules, mmWave backhaul, satellite broadband and small cell and fixed wireless.

RFwave partners have committed a set of key offerings to the program, including

  • Tools (EDA): Ecosystem support for RF-specific features on GF’s RF technology platforms, built into industry-leading design flows
  • Design elements (IP): Complete libraries that include interfaces and both complex and foundation IP, which enable you to design using pre-validated IP building blocks
  • Resources (design consultation, services): Trained, globally distributed resources to gain easy access to support in developing solutions using GF’s RF technology platforms

FDXcelerator Solar system

More Information:

Client Solutions Marketplace

RFwave is an open, collaborative program with a variety of partners dedicated to building innovative solutions that take advantage of GF’s industry-leading RF technology platforms.

  • Silicon-validated analog/mixed-Signal IP
  • Design services including analog design, ASIC design, mask design, characterization, and full turnkey design and supply-chain management
  • Spectre® RF Option simulator with GLOBALFOUNDRIES SOI models for fast and accurate RF and noise analysis
  • Virtuoso® custom IC platform with GLOBALFOUNDRIES SOI for low noise integration of RF with mixed-signal designs
  • CoreHW is your one-stop custom ASIC solution partner
  • CoreHW competences cover RF systems; RFIC; analog, mixed signal and digital; RF front-end and antennas
  • WaveIntegrity™ is a comprehensive software suite that integrates seamlessly into any customer flow to tackle SLN during digital, analog or RF IP authoring and full system integration, from RTL to tape out
  • SiPEX™ accurately models interactions between devices, back-end-of-line, and silicon-on-insulator (SOI) substrates enabling RF front end module designers to fully simulate layout and design changes with accuracy, speed and seamless design flow interoperability
  • RFwave-tailored circuit simulators with tight integration of 3D EM simulation technologies enabling co-simulation of chip level RF circuit blocks, multi-chip and multi-technology modules
  • An interoperable IC design platform
  • Differentiated memory IP solution targeted at ultra-low power designs, with a complete test and repair solution
  • SRAM/RF memory compilers for 45RFSOI process, quick turnaround on ROMs/CAMs/multi-port macros
  • IP customization services on silicon-proven microwave front-ends and synthesizers up to mmWave frequencies
  • World class transceiver designs for backhaul, 5G, 802.11.* and RADAR applications


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