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FDXcelerator Partner Program

FDXcelerator Partner Program

FDXcelerator™ is a partner ecosystem that facilitates 22FDX® system-on-chip (SoC) design and reduces time to market for customers. With GLOBALFOUNDRIES and FDXcelerator Partner solutions, you can build innovative 22FDX SoC solutions with faster migration to FD-SOI from bulk nodes such as 40nm and 28nm.

Each FDXcelerator partner commits to provide a set of specific resources, including:

  • Tools (EDA) - Ecosystem-specific modules that leverage differentiated FD-SOI body-bias features, built into industry leading design flows
  • Design elements (IP) - Complete library including Foundation IP, interfaces and complex IPs to enable foundry customers to start designs with validated IP elements
  • Platforms (ASIC) - Complete 22FDX ASIC offering
  • Reference solutions (system IP, reference designs) – System-level expertise in emerging application areas to speed time to market
  • Resources (design consultation, services) - Dedicated resources to support 22FDX technology
  • Product packaging and test (OSAT) solutions

FDXcelerator Solar system

More Information:

Client Solutions Marketplace

FDXcelerator is an open and collaborative program with a variety of partners who commit to build innovative 22FDX SoC solutions that take advantage of the broad adoption and growth of the FDX market, including:

  • FDX-tailored Galaxy Design Platform solution includes seamless Body Bias support
  • Access to specialized FDX AEs in China
  • Body Bias floor planning via Genus design exploration
  • FDX-tailored support for Voltus and Tempus solutions
  • Silicon Validated Foundation and Complex IP
  • Portfolio ranging from Foundry Certified Foundation IP to a complete ASIC solution
  • One-stop-shop turnkey solution
  • China-based, with complete FDX-tailored ASIC platform capability and services
  • Credentialed FD-SOI expertise on system design, IC design, and fast prototyping
  • IoT, RF, and ADAS SoC realization focus
  • Design services for Automotive, CCS, and RF
  • Value-add services include firmware development and pre/post silicon validation
  • Validated FDX design capabilities focused on differentiated Imaging and ADAS SoC realization
  • Complete System Enablement suite including design implementation, embedded software development, board and system design
  • Mass production proven ultra-low power embedded FPGA
  • Complete SW support for FPGA design and SoC integration in 22FDX
  • Providers of advanced packaging, assembly and test development services
  • 22FDX platform support and baseline package qualifications. Package types anticipated to be qualified are:
    • Flip chip - Chip Scale Package (FcCSP)
    • Wafer level - Chip Scale Package, Fan In - (WlCSP-FI)
    • Wafer level - Chip Scale Package, Fan Out - (WlCSP-FO)
  • Providers of advanced packaging, assembly and test development services
  • 22FDX platform support and baseline package qualifications. Package types anticipated to be qualified are:
    • Flip chip - Chip Scale Package (FcCSP)
    • Wafer level - Chip Scale Package, Fan Out- (WlCSP-FO)
    • Wire Bond
  • Silicon-to-systems range of engineering services
  • Software services ranging from various firmware, embedded and applications-specific offerings
  • FDX-tailored Calibre™ solutions for timing and physical verification
  • Mentor ICD to support, floor planning, synthesis, place & route capabilities and Tessent™ suite to offer DFT flow support
  • Cryptofirewall cores which complement security implementations
  • DPA counter measure solution offerings to enhance security measures
  • Software solutions and processes for IoT, automotive and industrial and emerging device technologies
  • Offer turnkey solutions including hardware and software for complete SoC production
  • EPU™ Studio based on the Sonics ICE-GRAIN™ power architecture to support body-bias
  • Configurable on-chip network suite of offerings to support design of complex on-chip interconnects between cores
  • Founded in 2010, Attopsemi Technology is dedicated to developing proprietary I-fuse™ OTP IP to all CMOS process technologies from 0.7um to 7nm and beyond.
  • I-fuse™ OTP provides small size, high reliability, low program voltage, low power and wide temperature range to enable harsh applications such as automotive, 3D IC, and IoT applications.
  • A leading applied research and development center for ASIC, system-on-chip (SoC), and IP
  • Offers dynamic biasing IPs for advanced SoC designs in 22FDX technology
  • GF channel partner providing IP and design services for 22FDX process technology
  • "makeChip" design service platform provides an IT infrastructure with EDA tools and technology data setup
  • All-digital PLL IP and complementary design solutions for 22FDX
  • Custom IC design and physical implementation services for GF FD-SOI process technologies
  • Optimized eNVM and processor subsystems IP for non-volatile IoT SoCs
  • Advanced IP for efficient code and data management in ultra-low power designs
  • DDR Interface IP, based on 14 issued patents, provides the right power, performance, area and reliability for FDX™-based SoCs in portable applications
  • Wide range of “ideas2silicon” services that span design specification, RTL, logic design/verification, physical implementation, and manufacturing operations.
  • ArterisIP interconnect IP accelerates timing closure for FDX-based designs, in applications from automotive ADAS and machine learning to small IoT processors
  • ArterisIP FDX-based offerings include the Ncore Cache Coherent Interconnect IP with Ncore Resilience Package, FlexNoC Interconnect IP with FlexNoC Resilience Package and PIANO Timing Closure Package
  • Dolphin Integration SoC Fabric IP streamlines and speeds-up the design of cost-effective low-power SoC in 22FDX® technology
  • Dolphin Integration 22FDX IP library includes power-saving voltage regulators, power gating cells and logic modules
  • Provides embedded FPGA (eFPGA) IP in 22FDX® System-on-Chip (SoC) designs targeting a variety of applications, including automotive ADAS, vision processors and ISP
  • eFPGA IP is highly flexible — the number of logic blocks as well as the type and number of arithmetic and memory blocks are fully customizable
  • Provides RISC-V CPU IP including SiFive's E31 and E51 RISC-V cores available on GF's 22FDX process technology
  • Founded by the inventors of RISC-V and the first fabless provider of customized semiconductors based on the free and open instruction set architecture
  • Best-in-class low power “PowerMiser” and ultra low voltage “EverOn” SRAM offerings available on GF’s 22nm FD-SOI (22FDX) process technology
  • sureCore's industry-leading, low power SRAM technology meets both challenging power budgets and manufacturability constraints posed by today’s visionary IoT, wearable and medical products
  • Andes provides power-efficient, small-footprint 32-bit and 64-bit soft CPU IP cores implemented on GF’s 22nm FD-SOI (22FDX) technology, especially well-suited for the IoT, edge computing and deep learning SoC design
  • Andes provides a comprehensive ecosystem, including the most mature support for RISC-V processor cores
  • Offers low-power 64-bit RISC-V CPU IP cores available on 22FDX process technology
  • Industry leader in low-power, asynchronous design focused on embedded computer vision and artificial intelligence
  • Silicon Creations provides world-class PLLs, low power, high-performance SerDes and high-speed differential I/Os with IP in production from 10nm to 180nm and proven in 7nm
  • Silicon Creations' GLOBALFOUNDRIES 22nm FDX General purpose Fractional-N PLL is wide range, being able to generate any frequency between 25MHz and 5GHz with a precision of better than 0.01ppm
  • Mobile Semiconductor offers leading edge SRAM, ROM and Register File compilers optimized for applications requiring ultra-low power, low leakage, or ultra-high performance
  • Mobile Semiconductor’s 22nm FD-SOI (22FDX) low leakage compilers provide retention currents in the nanoamp range with configurable clock rate from 50 MHz to 500 MHz to trade off leakage versus performance
  • SmartSpice™ and Utmost IV™ – Simulation, optimization and characterization of spice models for analog FDX circuits
  • iPDK’s for FDX technology for Silvaco’s custom design flow
  • BSIMProPlus™, ME-Pro™: industry’s leading modeling solution, SPICE model extraction, customization & QA, process platform evaluation & benchmark, for Bulk, FD-SOI, FinFET technologies
  • NanoSpice™, NanoSpice Giga™: new SPICE and FastSPICE simulators, fully leverage parallel computing power to achieve accurate, fast and economic circuit simulation & verifications for big FD-SOI & FinFET designs

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