Full product solution of MEMS process with CMOS integration

MEMS TechnologyGLOBALFOUNDRIES mainstream platforms from 180nm to 40nm offer mixed-technology solutions on volume production-proven, industry-compatible processes.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES MEMS technology is a production qualified suite of MEMS processes with CMOS integration. MEMS devices are available at volume production levels using our established 200mm CMOS manufacturing infrastructure. Customers can either customize their required solution from a flexible set of production-proven MEMS process modules or utilize a suite of ready to use MEMs reference designs on inertial sensors, energy harvesting and ultrasonic transducer based MEMs products. Built in close proximity to 200mm and 300mm CMOS manufacturing sites, a one-stop shop is available for both MEMS sensors / actuators and companion CMOS chips to simplify semiconductor sourcing.


Established MEMs manufacturing capabilities within a CMOS environment for MEMS micromachining, encapsulation, metrology and inspection, plus engineered SOI wafers from dedicated manufacturing infrastructure

  • AIN based Piezoelectric material for next generation MEMS devices
  • Class 1, CMOS compatible MEMS cleanroom
  • Class 100/1000, dedicated MEMS cleanroom
  • Global-FoundryView portal
  • Compliance to QA quality standards ISO/TS16949 requirements
  • Real-time SPC, equipment SPC, electronic quality systems

Targeted applications

  • Accelerometers
  • Gyroscopes
  • Ultrasonic transducers
  • Timing and RF devices

MEMS and CMOS integration options

  • Traditional/SIP, WLP, WLP Smart Fusion, WLP Smart Fusion with TSV, WLP MEMS on CMOS

IP protection from compliance with strict Singapore IP protection laws

Collaborative development includes available turnkey packaging and testing services