analog-powerGLOBALFOUNDRIES Analog-Power process technology platforms offer best-in-class integration, functionality and cost-effectiveness with superior digital management. Based on high-volume, production-proven, industry-compatible processes, the GLOBALFOUNDRIES solution meets both low and high power design needs. Technologies range from 180nm to 55nm and 5V to 700V. BCDLite®, a GlobalFoundries innovation, offers a leading solution with optimal cost-performance benefits vs. traditional BCD technologies.


BCDLite, BCD, and High Voltage (HV) technologies are part of a modular platform architecture that is based on the company's efficient HV CMOS process which includes power and high voltage transistors, precision analog passives, and NVM memory. Additional highlights are:

  • Selection of rich IP portfolio of the base logic process
  • Best-in-class power and high voltage transistors
  • Analog- and power-focused PDK enablement
  • BCDLite and HV Process tailored for mobile/consumer applications, DC-DC, AC-DC, PMIC, wireless charging
  • BCD offers high-temp rated transistors and rugged power devices, ideal for industrial and automotive applications