28SLP & 28HPP 28nm HKMG Technologies

28nm platforms optimized for a wide range of applications from power-critical mobile, wireless and consumer to high-performance computing, networking and storage

GLOBALFOUNDRIES 28HPP and 28SLP 28nm platforms utilize High-k Metal Gate (HKMG) “Gate First” technology that offer supeatrior Performance, Power, Area and Cost (PPAC) characteristics, optimized scalability (die size, design compatibility, performance) and manufacturability. Both provide twice the gate density of comparable 40nm processes and an SRAM cell size shrink greater than 50 percent.

28HPP – High Performance Per Watt

28nm High Performance Plus (28HPP) platform is optimized for computing, networking, storage, and other wired applications requiring high performance per watt.

  • Supports low, standard, and high Vt options with an operating voltage of 0.85V
  • I/O choices include 1.8V with a 1.5V underdrive option

28SLP – Low Complexity GHz Performance

28nm Super Low Power (28SLP) platform is optimized for cost- & power-sensitive applications in mobile, wireless, consumer and other markets requiring GHz performance with low power and cost.

  • Supports four Vt options - super low, low, standard, high Vt and ultra-high Vt with Vdd nominal voltage of 1.0V
  • Two I/O choices include 1.8V with a 1.5V underdrive option or 1.8V with 1.5V underdrive and 3.3V overdrive options
  • Wide choice of metal stack options, optimized for density and power including RF BEOL with ultra-thick metal
  • ULP option in SLP platform with Vdd of 0.8V results in additional 45% power reduction
  • Additional devices for ultra-low static leakage power
  • Integrated RF and analog to reduce system cost, power and time to market
  • Wide selection of Foundation IP optimized for performance and/or power reduction

Superior Performance, Power, Area


Comprehensive, Validated EDA and IP Ecosystem

  • Full foundation and complex IP libraries
  • PDK and reference flows supported by major EDA and IP partners
  • Robust DFM solutions

Complete services and supply chain support

  • Regularly scheduled MPWs
  • Advanced packaging and test solutions