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Announce 14nm Collaboration

Samsung and GLOBALFOUNDRIES have entered into a strategic collaboration to deliver an unprecedented global capacity footprint for 14nm FinFET process technology. For the first time, the industry’s most advanced 14nm FinFET technology will be available for production at Samsung and GLOBALFOUNDRIES. The partnership will offer greater choice and flexibility to leading fabless companies, while helping the fabless industry maintain its leadership position in mobility and IT infrastructure.

Business Model
Samsung and GLOBALFOUNDRIES are fundamentally changing the foundry ecosystem supply chain by offering customers the ability to manufacture a single GDS II design at multiple manufacturing facilities. Both companies have prior experience in bringing up matched process technologies. Through a proven level of fab synchronization never previously achieved outside of a single company, Samsung and GLOBALFOUNDRIES will use a coordinated copy-smart approach involving materials, process recipes, integration and tools. The company will also run fab-sync test chips on a regular basis to ensure that the fabs are the 14nm FinFET process exactly the same.

The alliance will provide the assurance of supply that can only come from true design compatibility at multiple sources across the global. Volume production will be available at Samsung’s fabs in Korea and Austin and GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ fab in Saratoga County, New York. The partnership will ensure consistent production, enabling customer designs to be produced at multiple sources with no redesign required.

The 14nm FinFET process is based on a technology platform that has already gained traction as the leading choice for high-volume, power-efficient SoC designs. The platform will enable up to a 35 percent reduction in power consumption when compared to 20nm planar technology, while maintaining the same level of performance. The platform can be tuned for high-performance wired appliances, delivering up to 20 percent improvement in performance at constant power. The platform is the only FinFET technology in the foundry industry to provide true area scaling from 20nm, while still leveraging the proven interconnect scheme from 20nm to offer the benefits of FinFET technology with reduced risk and the fastest time-to-market.

Download the official press release (PDF)
Download the Overview Presentation (PDF)

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