0.18/0.16um Mainstream Technologies

General Description

GLOBALFOUNDRIES 0.18um/0.16um processes form the value range of process technologies under the mainstream umbrella. They are fully qualified product solutions that meet the industry's highest quality requirements. The technologies are industry compatible processes and provide a quick time-to-market production with optimal product yields. The processes provide the flexibility to support a wide range of designs and applications with plug-in process options.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES's 0.18um mainstream process offers a cost effective migration option to the 0.16um shrink technology. With a smaller die in 0.16um, the customer can realize a higher number of gross dies per wafer while maintaining the same device performance. For most products, the 0.16um shrink process requires minimal redesign by the customer engineers

The 0.18um/0.16um processes are especially suited for applications in:
    • Computing
    • Communications
    • Consumer Electronic
    • Wireless Products
    • Digital Multimedia

GLOBALFOUNDRIES offer a comprehensive combination of density, speed and power which are supported by a complete set of silicon proven standard cell libraries, SRAM compilers, I/Os and IPs.

   0.16um* 0.18um
Core I/O 1.8V/3.3V 1.8V/3.3V 1.8V/5.0V
Deep N-well
MIM Capacitor
Thick Metal Inductor
RF - -
SiGe - -

* 0.16um: Direct Shrink of 0.18um