0.13um Process Technologies

General Description

GLOBALFOUNDRIES 0.13um process technologies offers state-of-the-art processes featuring all copper interconnect. The process platforms are developed to enable complex Systems-on-Chip (SoC) as required by the convergence of applications and features on a single chip.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES standard foundry process enables flexibility with multiple transistor options and Value Added Solutions (VAS) plug-in modules. The 0.13um process technologies are industry compatible processes.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES' 0.13um process offers comprehensive EDA, libraries and IPs. Library solutions, which are silicon proven, include standard cell libraries, memory compilers and IOs. With strong collaboration with IP partners to offer comprehensive suites of 3rd party IPs, GLOBALFOUNDRIES enables our customers to integrate system level functionality in their products with faster time-to-market and reduce risk to mass production.

    • Multiple Platforms - generic, low-power and low-voltage/high performance
    • IO options - 1.8V*, 2.5V* & 3.3V
    • Mutiple Vts - regular Vts, low Vts and high Vts
    • Plug-in Modules - native transistors, resistor, Dnwell, 5V LDMOS, ESD, eFuse/OTP
    • RF Modules - RF transistors, inductor, MiM capacitor

* Available in selected platforms