Flexibility with 3rd Party Maskshops

GLOBALFOUNDRIES partners with the most prominent and advanced commercial mask shops in order to provide flexibility and choices for the customers. Qualified mask shops include Advanced Mask Technology Center (AMTC), Dai Nippon Printing (DNP), Toppan, Hoya, Photronics and Taiwan Mask Corporation (TMC). GLOBALFOUNDRIES has a strong engineering partnership with the mask shops to ensure the quality of deliverables for mask to the most advanced technology.

Mask Shop Quality

GLOBALFOUNDRIES has an active and stringent quality program with the mask shops to ensure quality mask delivery. Vigilant in-house mask checks are conducted regularly to enable immediate detection of mask defects, such as particles, scratches, ESD and pellicle frame, to ensure each mask has the lowest defect rates possible.

Data Handling and Security

GLOBALFOUNDRIES is committed to protect and ensure the security of customers' Intellectual Property (IP) throughout the tapeout services. The networking infrastructure is developed to protect operations of OPC, Dummy Pattern and Boolean Operation.

Job Deck Viewing

The customers can conduct job deck review at their convenience through the GLOBALFOUNDRIES remote system with full support from the GLOBALFOUNDRIES tapeout team.

Mask Status Tracking

GLOBALFOUNDRIES has developed a mask work-in-progress (WIP) tracking system with our vendors so that each layer can be tracked by the customer through the mask status tracking system. Customers are now able to view the status of their masks any time by logging into GLOBALFOUNDRIES' FoundryView.

28/32nm 45/40nm 65nm 90nm 0.11um/0.13um 0.18um 0.25um & above
Toppan Toppan Toppan Toppan Toppan Toppan Toppan
Hoya Hoya Hoya Hoya Hoya Hoya Hoya
      Photronics Photronics Photronics Photronics
          TMC TMC
Photronics Taiwan Mask Corp. Toppan