GLOBALFOUNDRIES offers a broad range of manufacturing capabilities, from the very leading edge of process technology to more mature, cost-effective process nodes. The company operates several fabs, including both 300mm (12-inch) wafer and 200mm (8-inch) production. The company invests in the most advanced and sophisticated equipment and processes to ensure the highest degrees of quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness for its customers. It consistently produces wafers with industry-leading yield and defect performance. All of GLOBALFOUNDRIES's fabs are ISO9001, ISO 14001 and ISO/TS16949 certified. Three of the fabs have been recognized as Fab of the Year by Semiconductor International Magazine.

In addition to leading process technologies of 45/40nm, 32nm, 28nm and a roadmap to 20nm and below, GLOBALFOUNDRIES offers a full suite of 'value added solutions' (VAS) that are tuned to the unique needs of specialty applications in analog, mixed-signal and RF markets. These solutions combine proven, cost effective manufacturing technology with a robust ecosystem of support for specific market segments.

Through the collaborative development and investment with the Joint Development Alliance (Freescale, IBM, Infineon, NEC, Samsung, ST, and Toshiba), GLOBALFOUNDRIES has been able to significantly accelerate its technology roadmap, leapfrogging other pure play foundries and delivering the most aggressive technology vision in the foundry industry. GLOBALFOUNDRIES's customers have access to the foremost innovations in semiconductor manufacturing, including such advancements as High-k metal gate, silicon on insulator (SOI), low power technologies, and other breakthroughs that are addressing the challenges of scaling with Moore's Law.