You're invited to watch DAC 2014 IP Talks: Forging Ahead – 14LPE and 14LPP FinFET offerings at GLOBALFOUNDRIES Fab, New York



As the market continues to grow rapidly in the ultra-low power (mobility) and high performance space (consumer, Compute, Connect and Storage), the demand for a single technology node offering true benefits of PPA scaling has remained consistent. 14nm FinFET technology with the true power, performance scaling fits that requirement. However, technology, by itself, is not sufficient in enabling the customer adoption and product Tapeouts.  It needs a platform offering at the right schedule including a tight collaboration between ECO partners like foundries, IP companies, Design Services and EDA tool vendors. 

On April 17th, 2014 GLOBALFOUNDRIES announced a strategic partnership with Samsung Electronics to license and manufacture the same 14LPE and 14LPP technologies through a true Fab-Sync methodology. This collaboration allows GLOBALFOUNDRIES to offer the same lead technology at a faster time to market and leverage the technology maturity, ECO partnerships, IP collaboration, EDA readiness while providing an assurance of supply.  GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ Fab8 in Saratoga, New York will manufacture products on 14LPE and 14LPP starting Volume ramp in 2015 and tape outs starting 2014. 

What will you learn after watching this video:

  1. GLOBALFOUNDRIES Fab8 at Malta, NY –  Offering 14nm FinFET technology at the right time to market.
  2. Win-Win Value Proposition:  How the GLOBALFOUNDRIES leverages the collaboration with Samsung on 14nm FinFet
  3. GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ technology roadmap: Ready to start designs, Production ramp starts early 2015
  4. 14nm – a Full Platform offering from GLOBALFOUNDRIES with a stronger ECO support -  IPs, MPWs, PDK/DM/Model, EDA views and reference flows
  5. For more information click here to access GLOBALFOUNDRIES 14LPP webpage


Dr. Subhankar Basu
Product Manager, Leading Edge Technologies


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