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  • Girls in STEM: A Leap for (Wo)Mankind

    by Gwendolyn Bluemich | Apr 20, 2016
    When I was a little girl, my father gave me a chemistry set for my 13th birthday. Chemistry? I thought. What am I going to do with THAT? … But my dad is a scientist. A very important one, at that. So, naturally, he wanted his daughter to both appreciate ... Full story
    STEM Group
  • GLOBALFOUNDRIES ‘Step Up’ to Support Vermont Students

    by Kimberly Finnigan | Jan 12, 2016
    Last week, as he delivered his final State of the State address, Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin announced a mentoring partnership with GLOBALFOUNDRIES. In partnership with select universities and colleges in Vermont, the Governor’s Step Up Program will provide support services Full story
    Mike Russo with Kimberly Finnigan Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin
  • GLOBALFOUNDRIES Essex Junction Fab Gets an “Uplift”

    by Communications | Nov 04, 2015
    Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin called GLOBALFOUNDRIES, “Vermont’s most important employer,” as he joined GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ executives to announce the results of a $55 million capital investment in our Essex Junction facility. Full story
    Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin