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Silicon Creations is a leading provider of high performance Clocking IP and mixed signal integrated circuit design services for high performance applications. Silicon Creations offers a family of highly programmable ring oscillator- and LC oscillator-based PLL IP. The flexible programmability allows a single PLL macro to be used for all clocking requirements on most chips. Founded in 2006, Silicon Creations is growing rapidly and our customers return to us because of the predictable performance of our IP, our integrity, and deep commitment to their success.

Silicon Creations and GLOBALFOUNDRIES

Using GLOBALFOUNDRIES' advanced 65nm process technology, Silicon Creations has developed silicon proven, highly programmable ring oscillator-based PLL IP. The two companies worked tune Silicon Creations' fractional PLL to take full advantage of the GLOBALFOUNDRIES 65nm process, validate silicon built around it and demonstrate its compatibility with IP from other suppliers. The result of these joint efforts is a fully qualified IP component that you can include in your design with complete confidence.

Featured Products

Programmable Fractional PLL

The Silicon Creations Programmable Delta Sigma Fractional PLL is a multi-function, general purpose frequency synthesizer. A fractional mode with quantization noise cancellation allows the output frequency to be programmed in steps smaller than 0.15ppm with minimal jitter penalty compared to the best integer PLLs while integer mode results in specified and measured jitter matching the best. With excellent supply noise immunity, the PLL is ideal for use in noisy mixed signal SoC environments. By combining ultra-low jitter output clocks with very wide input and output ranges into a low power, low area, highly programmable design, Silicon Creations can greatly simplify SoC design by enabling a single macro to be used for almost any clocking application.

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