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About Cosmic Circuits

Cosmic Circuits' silicon-proven differentiated Analog and Mixed-Signal silicon IP solutions bring time-to-market certainty to your mixed-signal SOCs. Utilizing techniques covered by multiple Cosmic Circuits patents, our IP portfolio spans several generations of process technology for designs addressing a variety of silicon price and performance points. Our growing base of 50+ customers includes worldwide leaders in key growth markets including communications, consumer and convergence electronics. We offer a flexible business model encompassing stand-alone IP Licensing, sub-systems and complete analog ASICs.

Cosmic Circuits and GLOBALFOUNDRIES


Cosmic Circuits and GLOBALFOUNDRIES have worked together for many years to develop and silicon-validate the existing IP portfolio and the companies continue to work together to develop IP for leading edge processes. This history of successful collaboration gets you to market faster through process-tailored precision analog components that have undergone extensive silicon testing before being incorporated into your design. Cosmic Circuits means Analog with Certainty.

Cosmic Circuits offers a broad-spectrum of high performance and general-purpose analog IP cores, including analog-to-digital converters, digital-to-analog converters, PLLs, audio functions, power-regulators, and DCDC converters, for GLOBALFOUNDRIES' 0.18nm, 0.13nm, 0.11nm, 90nm and 65nm processes. Cosmic Circuits has numerous projects underway with GLOBALFOUNDRIES to further broaden its IP portfolio and support additional processes. Please contact Cosmic Circuits for additional details on these developments.

Cosmic Circuits' offers the following advantages to its customers:

    • World-class analog design expertise
    • Patented analog technologies
    • Proven success with numerous GLOBALFOUNDRIES processes
    • Detailed silicon validation across process and operating condition variations
    • Flexible business model
    • Low total cost of ownership

Featured Products

Clocking Solutions

Cosmic Circuits is developing a collection of PLLs for the GLOBALFOUNDRIES 40LP, 28SLP and 28HPP advanced processes which will be available for design shortly. These system-clocking PLLs support broad range of input and output frequencies and multiple implementation options are available to enable the proper area/power/performance balance for your design. Input frequencies down to 32kHz, output frequencies up to 2.2GHz and spread-spectrum PLLs for EMI suppression are available.

Analog-Digital Converters

The suite of Cosmic Circuits ADC components address ranges of design requirements. Available with sampling rates of up to 100 MSPS and accuracies of up to 16 bits, these ADCs are configured to meet the needs of many popular applications. They are available in a number of GLOBALFOUNDRIES processes ranging from 0.18nm to 65nm and are available in generic, low power and ultra low leakage processes.

IP Status
  28nm 40nm 55nm 65nm 90nm 110nm 130nm 180nm
AMS - ADC        
AMS - AFE              
AMS - CODEC              
AMS - DAC            
AMS - DCDC              
AMS - DLL              
AMS - LDO        
AMS - OSC              
AMS - PLL    
AMS - PWR-ON-RESET              


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