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About Aragio Solutions Aragio Solutions is a recognized specialist in the art of IO development with over 100 years of combined design experience. Aragio's wide technology base offers customers comprehensive IO solutions for the design and production of complex ICs. The offerings include unique macro cell designs as well as the I/O libraries (general purpose and specialty I/Os), including analog and high bandwidth connectivity circuits which are available for the 180nm, 130nm, 110nm, 65nm, 55nm, 40nm, and 28nm processes. Aragio's comprehensive support services enable customers' designs to get working production silicon as quickly as possible.

Aragio Solutions and GLOBALFOUNDRIES Aragio and GLOBALFOUNDRIES have a broad and deep relationship across the full range of GLOBALFOUNDRIES process offerings. From 180nm down to the latest 28nm process technology, Aragio is the preferred IO supplier to GLOBALFOUNDRIES' customers. The companies have worked together from early process development steps through silicon validation to ensure that Aragio IOs deliver the fullest capabilities of the underlying process technology.

Aragio offers a wide range of IOs designed specifically for each GLOBALFOUNDRIES process, including pads to provide the following functionality:

    • GPIOs
    • Oscillators
    • SSTL15/SSTL18/SSTL2
    • LVDS and SubLVDS
    • HSTL
    • PCI
    • PCI-X
    • ATA
    • USB2 and USB1.1
    • Mobile DDR
    • PMU
    • I2C
    • Slew Rate Control
    • RF

Many of these functions are implemented in both core limited (inline) and IO limited (staggered) versions, may offer "circuit under pad" to minimize IO area requirements, or support multiple voltage operation.

One of the critical capabilities embodied in every IO delivered by Aragio Solutions is their silicon-proven ESD and latch-up capabilities. ESD protection and latch-up immunity are universally recognized as critical attributes for IO pads, yet the design of these circuits is recognized as the most difficult aspect of IO design. Adding high performance capabilities and small area requirements makes the design even more challenging. Aragio's unique history and specialization has allowed them to build to build all this expertise into every IO, which has been proven in hundreds of production parts. Aragio IOs meet the highest industry ESD and latch up prevention standards across the full operating range of the associated GLOBALFOUNDRIES processes.

Aragio Solutions General Purpose IO libraries are provided to at no charge to GLOBALFOUNDRIES customers.

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Aragio GPIO libraries contain all of the necessary IO cells to construct an IO pad ring. Each library is built around a very flexible programmable bidirectional IO buffer for multiple applications. Inline and staggered versions with or without circuit under pad (CUP) capabilities are offered. Each library also includes a full range of power pads to provide different options for separate core power (VDD and VSS) and separate I/O pad ring power and ground (DVDD and DVSS) and the ability to isolate separate power domains (such as HSTL). The I/O library also has a full complement of cells that provide the user with the ability to isolate analog I/O's and power within the same pad ring as the digital I/O'. Aragio also provides support for power supply sequencing and power-on control.

ESD and Latchup Validation

Aragio performs a thorough silicon validation of their protection circuits for each GLOBALFOUNDRIES process. This testing adheres to recognized industry standards for testing methods and protection levels:


Min Protection Level

JEDEC Specification

HBM (Human Body Model)


JESD22-A114F (January 2007)

MM (Machine Model)


JESD22-A115A (October 1997)

CDM (Charged-Device Model)


JESD22-C101D (October 2008)


100mA + Iddq

EIA/JESD78A (February 2006)

IP Status
  28nm 40nm 55nm 65nm 90nm 110nm 130nm 180nm


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