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About Aplus Flash Technology

Aplus has been licensing NVM IP since 1998, offering a complete IP portfolio consisting of traditional ROM, OTP, NTP, EEPROM and Flash technologies.  Hundreds of thousands of 2-poly OTP and EEPROM wafers have been shipped by Aplus' worldwide IP clients through the selected foundry partners such as GLOBALFOUNDRIES and others in past 10 years.  Aplus' top IP clients included Novatek, Elan Micro, Sonix Tech, Winbond, Sitronix Tech, Mosel-Vitelic, Syntek in Taiwan, Synaptics and Static Control in US and Datang in China for various MCU and card IC applications.

Aplus has accumulated more than 150 patents granted or pending in US and overseas to cover the broadest range of embedded NVM applications. Aplus is poised to be the worldwide leader in NVM IP licensing industry.

Aplus Flash Technology and GLOBALFOUNDRIES

Aplus Flash Technology has worked with GLOBALFODRIES to qualify its standard EEPROM IP library based on GLOBALFOUNDRIES' 0.35um 2P3M EEPROM technology and Aplus innovative HiEE architecture design.    The EEPROM IP is available in several standard memory sizes and organizations suitable for embedded EEPROM (emEE) applications, such as MCU and consumer electronics.  The EEPROM IP offers in-system programmability on a flexible byte, page and chip basis. Aplus' EEPROM IP gives its customers ultimate flexibility in cost and performance.

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