Unique Value Propositions

GLOBALFOUNDRIES offers the semiconductor industry several unique value propositions that are categorized into the four major areas of technology, global capacity, service, and financial staying power. 


GLOBALFOUNDRIES is dedicated to foundry technology and innovation leadership.

  • Time-to-Market: We were the first foundry to ramp High K Metal Gate (HKMG) 32/28nm technology to high volume. GLOBALFOUNDRIES serves a leader in x86 CPU's that quickly ramps high volume production of large complex die to drive yield learning and low defect densities.
  • Value-Added Solutions: GLOBALFOUNDRIES has a proven record of deploying highly innovative and cost-effective solutions for analog, RF, high voltage, and embedded memories for both 200mm and 300mm wafers.
  • Global Collaborative R&D: We are committed to providing a total solution for foundry customers in design enablement and IP, process technology and package solutions that flow from our extensive global resources and alliances. We are driving the global standard for new technologies such as High K Metal Gate  with several co-development partners including IBM, Renesas, STMicroelectronics, Samsung Electronics, and Toshiba.

Global Capacity

GLOBALFOUNDRIES is the foundry leader in globally distributed capacity. We possess the depth, breadth and geographical diversity to supply the full foundry requirements of the largest and most diverse global semiconductor companies. Total capacity in 300mm and 200mm wafers is expanding to 7.0 million 200mm equivalent wafers, as described below.
  • Leading-Edge 300mm supply: Our leading-edge capacity is expanding to 2.4 million 300mm wafers annually across US, Europe and Asia, with manufacturing centers in New York, Germany, and Singapore. This offers a flexible and secure long-term source of supply that is unique in the foundry industry. 300mm technologies span from 130nm to 28nm and below.
  • Breadth of 200mm Supply: We have an installed base of 1.6 million 200mm wafers annually with a proven commitment to continual innovation and long-term supply. 200mm technologies span from above 0.5 micron to 130nm.

Service and Flexibility

GLOBALFOUNDRIES is the foundry leader in customer-centric services. Flexibility and collaboration form the hallmark of our approach to customer service that differentiates us from the rest of the industry in both design enablement and technology delivery.

  • Our design enablement supports a unique model that includes open access to fab technology, and involves in-depth collaboration to optimize customers' product performance, leakage current, and yields.
  • Periodic benchmarking conducted by third parties places GLOBALFOUNDRIES among the leaders worldwide in the major categories for fab performance. Automated Precision Manufacturing (APM) is our unique platform for fab operations that encompasses advanced process control, product performance/yield management, scheduling, and delivery. APM enables product delivery to our customers when they need it.

Business Focus and Financial Staying Power

GLOBALFOUNDRIES is focused solely on serving foundry customers. We possess the resources and assets that uniquely position the company to serve foundry customers for the long term.
  • GLOBALFOUNDRIES is one of the world's largest foundries.
  • The Company has robust capital expenditure plans, with the majority being invested in the world's most advanced fab in New York.