Risk and Business Continuity Management


Risk & Business Continuity Management Policy

GLOBALFOUNDRIES strives to meet commitments to customers, the community and employees through credible risk assessment, disciplined mitigation, comprehensive threat awareness and practiced crisis management.  In this manner, we hope to achieve strategic and practical recovery planning backed by responsible risk financing.

The following are key elements:

  • Prevention, mitigation and recovery are a priority. Appropriate risk financing is a backstop to ensure we can implement necessary business plan continuity.
  • Loss resiliency through minimization of regional natural catastrophe exposures, global scale and redundancy
  • Adoption of world-class  standards
  • Recognized best-practices for loss prevention, crisis management and business recovery


Business Continuity Management Process

GLOBALFOUNDRIES utilizes methodologies recommended by recognized standards and organizations. The process is repeatable and deliverables are defined at each stage. This figure provides a simplified and summary account of the process.


Business Continuity Management (BCM) Highlights The following are key tenets of GLOBALFOUNDRIES business continuity strategy:

  • Global scale and resiliency
  • Executive stewardship in both planning and crisis decisions
  • Manufacturing operations in low risk geographies
  • Highly Protected Risk (HPR) standard for critical properties
  • World-class safety programs support loss prevention and mitigation
  • Crisis communication and command protocols for prompt and appropriate attention to threats
  • Business continuity and recovery planning via recognized standards of practice
  • Broad organizational participation in detailed recovery assessment, planning and testing
  • Pro-active management of supply chain risks

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