Collaboration and Innovation


The costs associated with research and development for advanced technology nodes are projected to reach more than $1 billion at the 14nm node and beyond. At GLOBALFOUNDRIES, we embrace a collaborative approach to innovation that creates real strategic options by combining shared objectives, capabilities, and investments with our partners around the world. Our ecosystem partnerships range from early-stage R&D to the evaluation of production-ready process technologies, providing a holistic approach that helps our customers deliver complete solutions and accelerate time-to-market of the most advanced technologies and manufacturing processes.

In conjunction with the joint development alliance partners centered in East Fishkill, New York that include Freescale, IBM, Infineon, NEC, ST, Samsung, Toshiba, we have produced continued enhancements in the performance and efficiency of transistors and interconnects, the two fundamental building blocks of chip designs. GLOBALFOUNDRIES and its development partners offer a long list of impressive innovations,  from high K metal gate technology introduced for the 32/28nm nodes to 14nm FinFET and Fully-Depleted Silicon-On-Insulator (FD-SOI) technologies

Other technology "firsts" that flowed from this collaborative model include:

  • First to build a complete factory around integration of copper metal in the process flow as a replacement for aluminum in building interconnects
  • First microprocessor vendor to insert immersion lithography into its fab tool set
  • First to apply enhanced strain technology using dual-stress liners in its transistors
  • First to volume production with low-K interconnect material
  • First "full field" demonstration of next-generation Extreme Ultra Violet (EUV) lithography resulting in a working test chip