Supply Chain Management

A Supply Chain That is as Much Your Business as Ours

Supply Chain Management What makes GLOBALFOUNDRIES different? Manufacturing that looks and feels like it's yours. We recognize that many companies are now migrating from internal manufacturing to an outsourced model. We also know that this change can be painful when the data access, flexibility, engineering collaboration and business processes are less than world-class. At GLOBALFOUNDRIES we bring deep experience from our roots in the foundry business to provide functionality for your outsourced manufacturing -- whether you are an IDM, FABLESS or OEM enterprise.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES is committed to being the most customer-centric partner in the industry, working with you to achieve your business objectives without aggravation or disruption. Close partnering with fab engineering is the starting point. Knowledgeable engineering collaboration in the early stages of engagement not only ensures a framework that will unlock the power of your designs in wafer manufacturing, but extends this to the interactions of next-generation bump and package technologies. Follow this with data transparency that gives you access to the engineering and manufacturing data you need to be flexible and make real-time business decisions, and you have the core of the GLOBALFOUNDRIES vision for your success.

In today's environment you need manufacturing to be an extension of your own company. Acting like a "virtually owned" internal factory and engineering team. GLOBALFOUNDRIES' supply chain offers you a new way of doing business, partnering with you to achieve internal fab virtualization. Think of it as a whole new chapter in borderless manufacturing and engineering.

Running a business with limited data access like running a race wearing blinders. Effective decision-making requires that you have data access to the factory floor for WIP and engineering data transparency. Demand nothing less.

Agility in decision-making requires that the ship can be turned once it's set in motion. Our commitment is to partner with you to offer decision points as late in the process as possible -- whether that's starts changes, semi-finished goods staging points, VMI locations or other decision points determined by your business model.

Stability is easy to claim until an excursion hits. GLOBALFOUNDRIES' APM suite of control technologies has enabled our company to provide industry leadership in rapid time to mature yield (TTMY), followed by stable output from mature technologies.

At GLOBALFOUNDRIES, we define commitment as the level of personal accountability each of us brings to the job to ensure that our customers are satisfied.

We operate from the perspective of two types of improvement: innovation and continuous improvement. Our working model is to use standardized processes in all areas of our business, and continuously improve on these processes, so we can capture the benefits of innovation and then make step-by-step improvements from this baseline.

Our Supply Chain Guiding Principles

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