APM Framework


Unmatched Synchronization and Automation

“The forethought and hard work put into APM has paid off. Today, few chipmakers can come close to GLOBALFOUNDRIES' level of fab automation, precision and integration.”  
— Dan Hutcheson, president of VLSI Research

APM FrameworkAutomating the movement of materials within a fab is standard practice. But it is only half of the answer to fast, accurate and agile manufacturing. Optimal results come from integrating this automated material movement with advanced, automated decision-making.

Only GLOBALFOUNDRIES fabs feature this degree of integration. Our highly differentiated Automated Precision Manufacturing (APM) enables a level of synchronization and automation that is unmatched in the industry. APM functions like a fab’s central nervous system, using more than 400 patented and patent-pending technologies to provide tight integration and the complex data analysis required to achieve it.

How APM Works

As wafers enter and exit toolsets for processing, APM’s sophisticated data infrastructure constantly monitors the health of microprocessors in production by collecting and analyzing information from the toolsets. Using real-time analysis of this data, APM automatically and consistently modifies the processing recipe used at each tool to ensure that the resulting products operate according to targeted specifications and defects are minimized. APM also controls the path each group of wafers takes for processing in order to ensure optimum production efficiencies.


There are two key benefits to this level of integration: faster time to mature yields on new technologies and the ability to rapidly modify functionality of products already in production, in order to ensure alignment with evolving customer requirements. Additional benefits include:

  • Products that deviate from performance targets can be automatically brought back into alignment through downstream processing corrections
  • Speed grades of products already in production can be adjusted using automated recipe changes to align with current customer needs
  • Submicron, transistor-level improvements can be efficiently introduced into production as often as once per quarter to consistently optimize product performance and power efficiency
  • Dozens of product types and speed grades can be manufactured in a single fab using the same toolsets and production lines for tremendous manufacturing efficiency
  • Research and development wafers in line with actual product wafers can be run on the same tools and equipment without interrupting volume production -- a key driver in making rapid technology transitions

GLOBALFOUNDRIES' continued enhancement of our revolutionary APM system is aimed at meeting one simple goal: to lead the industry in the ability to consistently deliver the technologies and services that customers need, when they need them, in the quantities they require.