Individual Development

Knowledge is one of the core competencies at GLOBALFOUNDRIES. We consider learning to be a life-long process that serves to acquire knowledge, to understand change, to generate the best ideas, to enhance productivity, and to achieve a personal as well as corporate growth. Only through the disposition of our employees for continuous further development of their skills and their knowledge is GLOBALFOUNDRIES able to develop and grow as well. To support this life-long process, GLOBALFOUNDRIES offers a number of technical qualification measures and individual development opportunities.

Advance Your Own Development

We are working in one of the most competitive industries in the world. Thus, learning faster than our competitors is our most vital factor in the competition. You can advance your personal and technical development by understanding your own interests, abilities and development needs, and by collaborating with your manager in planning your projects and learning activities with regards to your development goals. In this process numerous development opportunities to you and your manager exists. As an employee at GLOBALFOUNDRIES you have access to a broad range of learning resources.