GLOBALFOUNDRIES to Acquire IBM's Microelectronics Business

GLOBALFOUNDRIES announced that they have signed a Definitive Agreement under which GLOBALFOUNDRIES plans to acquire IBM's global commercial semiconductor technology business, including intellectual property, world-class technologists and technologies related to IBM Microelectronics. GLOBALFOUNDRIES will also become IBM's exclusive server processor semiconductor technology provider for 22 nanometer (nm), 14nm and 10nm semiconductors for the next 10 years.

QuickLogic to Use GLOBALFOUNDRIES 65nm LPe Technology for Sensor Hub

The ArcticLink 3 S2 Sensor Hub is an ultra-low power, context-aware sensor hub optimized for smartphone and wearable devices. The ArcticLink® 3 S2 leverages GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ 65nm LPe (low-power enhanced) technology, which uses innovative leakage reduction techniques to significantly improve power utilization and extend battery life, making it especially well-suited for battery-operated and cost-sensitive mobile applications.

IBM Microelectronics
Acquisition Update

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