NXP and GLOBALFOUNDRIES Collaborate on 40nm Embedded Non-Volatile Memory Technology Development and Production

GLOBALFOUNDRIES and NXP announced that they have jointly developed a next-generation embedded non-volatile memory (eNVM), which has resulted in production of 300mm prototype wafers on GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ 40-nanometer (nm) process technology platform. GLOBALFOUNDRIES is the first wafer foundry to develop and qualify 40nm eNVM low-power process technology.  Volume production is expected in 2016 at its Singapore facility.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES Joins imec to Develop Innovative RF Solutions for Internet of Things Applications

GLOBALFOUNDRIES and imec have joined to develop innovative RF solutions allowing for joint research on future radio architectures and designs for highly integrated mobile devices and IoT applications. The partnership aims to build a technology and design infrastructure that will enable future RF architectures while minimizing critical interface requirements for radio power consumption and performance.

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